Day Trip to Golden Triangle

Mekong River, Ancient City of Chiang Saen, Archeological & Opium Museums, Ancient Ruins, Port Town of Chiang Khong

The Golden Triangle is the point where Burma (Myanmar), Laos and Thailand all meet. It was for many years a major source of opium. Other crops have mostly replaced the poppies, but we will visit a very interesting museum that tells the history of the drug and its uses. The drive there will take us along the mighty Mekong River with many beautiful views and photo ops available to the traveler.

On the way we will stop in Chiang Saen. This is an ancient city, older than Chiang Mai. Once a large city state, it controlled much of the north in the distant past. We will see the archeological museum there that houses many fine pieces of art. We will also see some great ruins and have lunch.

Doi Pha Tang at the border between Thailand and Laos is a great look-out place to see Mekong River and mountains of the Luang Phrabang range.

On our return to Upcountry we will stop in Chiang Khong. This is a Mekong port town. A new bridge here will soon connect Laos and Yunnan, China to Chiang Rai Town by road. This is also the launching place for boat trips down river to Laos and the old royal capital of Luang Phrabang. After a short break and a look around we will return home. Lunch, soft drinks and all entrance fees are included. Beer is an extra charge.

Private (2-3 people): 2,200 Baht (+/- $75 US) per person
Group (4+ people): 1,700 Baht (+/- $58 US) per person

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