Local Trek

Local Trek from the Bungalows

Jungle Trail through the Rain Forest, Tropical Flora & Fauna, Orchids, Tropical Birds, Scenic Views, Open Fire BBQ Lunch, (4 to 5 hours)

look out over the valley on the local trek

Walk out to the west of Upcountry Bungalows. Then to the top of the mountain on a jungle trail. See many plants, orchids and many species of birds. At the top you will be treated to an expansive view and a BBQ lunch cooked over an open fire and served with sticky rice.

Return by a different route through the rainforest. Arrive back at the comfort of the bungalows and enjoy a one hour massage. The trek itself lasts about 4 or 5 hours and is moderately strenuous. Only water, you have to return to the bungalows for any other drinks.

open valley walk on the local trek

1,000 Baht (+-$30 US) per person


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