Day Trip to Phu Chi Fa

Day Trip To Phu Chi Fa

Mountain Top Sunrise, Hmong Village, Thai/Lao Market, Hot Mineral Waterfall, Riverside Picnic Lunch

Phu Chi Fa - Outcropping
Phu Chi Fa in Northern Thailand is the highest peak in Thoeng District, 1,628 meters above sea level

Phu Chi Fa is a viewpoint at the top of the highest peak in Thoeng District. 1,628 meters above sea level. In the early morning you can watch the sunrise over an ocean of clouds. Later in the day Northern Laos, Northern Thailand and the Mekong River are clearly visible far below.

On the way to Phu Chi Fa we will stop at a Hmong village. These people live a basic, but interesting subsistence tribal life in the mountains away from the Thai majority. After visiting Phu Chi Fa we will stop at the Thai Lao border market. Lao and Thai textiles and crafts are always available, but on the tenth and thirtieth of each month the Lao tribal people hike over the mountains into Thailand and set up an open market to sell their goods.

Doi Pha Tang is about 25 kilometers north from Phu Chi Fah. Doi Pha Tang is beautiful scenic place about 1,638 meter from sea level, there is also home of ethnic groups the Chinese Haw, the Hmong (ม้ง) and Yao minorities (ชาวเย้า) you will see their own unique cultures and way of them lives.

When we are finished here we will go to the hot waterfall at Phu Sang. You can view the hot mineral waterfall as it joins the river below and also go to the top and see the hot springs from which it originates. If you bring along a bathing suit you can enjoy a swim in the river. Enjoy a picnic lunch along the way and soft drinks are included. Beer is an extra charge.

Private (2-3 people):
2,000 Baht (+/- $65 US) per person

Group (4+ people):
1,600 Baht (+/- $55 US) per person


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