Day Trip to Tham Sakaen National Park

Day Trip to Tham Sakaen National Park

Rain Forest Region, Jungle Path, Tropical Birds, Waterfall, Caves (with stalagtites and lime formations), Pao Gah Village, Rice Whiskey Still

Tham-Sakaen-Park3This National Park is off the beaten path. It is situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by rain forest covered mountains. The valley is scattered with large, rocky karst mountains that shelter many caves. A small farming village is settled here year around. These people, the “Pao Gah”, moved here from Sip Song Panna in China many years ago.

We will climb a jungle path through birdsong to a waterfall that feeds a river on the valley floor. After this we will have a picnic lunch and gain strength for a visit to a large cave. From the cave’s mouth a panoramic view of the valley can be seen. This large cave is 500-600 meters deep and the mouth is 20 meters wide. It has many stalagtites and lime formations. It probably was once home to prehistoric people who lived here during Thailand’s stone age. It is now home to more than 100,000 bats. The Pao Gah people once harvested the bat guano to make gunpowder. They sold this powder to the Lanna people of the north to use in fighting the Burmese. The visit to the cave will take about one hour.

On our return home we will stop at a rice whiskey still. You can see how the drink is made from sticky rice and freely sample it. You may buy some to take home if you wish. Then it’s home for rest and dinner. Lunch and soft drinks are included, beer an extra charge.

Private (2-3 people): 2,300 Baht (+/- $77 US) per person

Group (4+ people): 1,800 Baht (+/- $60 US) per person

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